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an exploration in design and mommy-life

Tiny M Treehouse

The beginnings of art exploration in a more formal but fun way.

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Keeping up is hard to do…

Boy, I remember a time when I blogged all the time.  We were late going places because I couldn’t stop typing.  I was up all night long writing travel stories or making up crazy descriptions of our monster kitten (who is now seven years old and a monster cat).  Way before blogs were everywhere and everyone had one.  Before anyone thought about getting more traffic to their blog.  Even before Facebook (was there really a time before FB???).

Life certainly changes and these days I’d rather be going to bed at the end of a crazy day chasing the two monsters (though now the monsters are two crazy little boys rather than a tiny monster kitten).  So my goal of writing and keeping up this blog is slow moving, but maybe I just need to lower my goals than give up altogether, right?  I initially didn’t want this blog to be a mish mosh of things, but I think that might be what is needed.  My interests are a mish mosh, my life is a mish mosh, so why not the blog too?  We all go through growing pains, and this too shall pass.

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Sneaky tweets

Lol I just noticed the last tweet on my twitter feed… looks like a little someone got on my phone and posted on my behalf!  Obviously I don’t tweet much, I’m hoping to get better with that as my tiny m biz gets going.  We’ve been super busy and pre-occupied with a lot of things going on lately, so twitter (and unfortunately this blog) have taken a back seat.  Things will start picking up soon, I promise!

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IF – Train

IF - Train

I’m baaaaaack! What a perfect topic for my return to Illustration Friday! T is so thoroughly obsessed with trains, he never leaves home without at least one engine in his hand. We’re decorating his new room in our apartment with trains (and planes and trucks, but mainly trains). He even sat on my lap while I worked on this. So here’s my train drawing for my little guy, maybe with a little tweaking I will frame it and put it up in his room.


R Week

Today we are working on R in Mommy Preschool.  Last week was a fairly slow week with Mommy Preschool, but that was intentional.  The boys weren’t happy at their old school and I didn’t want to start Mommy Preschool on a sour note.  So we’re making it slow and fun (and a little sneaky).  I’m sneaking in teeny lessons in everyday things… like asking M to pick the small spoon from a soup spoon and a teaspoon for his yogurt this morning.  Or when T pointed out a “20” on a coupon on my desk, I asked him what came next… he proceeded to count to 29.  We kept going with a little prompting at 30, 40, 50 and 60.  Not bad for a three year old!

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Q Week Begins


Mommy Preschool began this week, slowly but surely. Since last week was letter P at the boys’ old school, I figured it would be best to continue rather than start over with the alphabet. This was our first project (done on Monday): coloring a Q and gluing on pictures of words that start with Q. M loved it and did really well with it, T just wanted to color and play with the pictures. That was fine with me, M is really the one who needs to continue with preschool since Kindergarten is in sight.

Up next: writing and recognizing words.

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