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Sneaky tweets

Lol I just noticed the last tweet on my twitter feed… looks like a little someone got on my phone and posted on my behalf!  Obviously I don’t tweet much, I’m hoping to get better with that as my tiny m biz gets going.  We’ve been super busy and pre-occupied with a lot of things going on lately, so twitter (and unfortunately this blog) have taken a back seat.  Things will start picking up soon, I promise!

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IF – Train

IF - Train

I’m baaaaaack! What a perfect topic for my return to Illustration Friday! T is so thoroughly obsessed with trains, he never leaves home without at least one engine in his hand. We’re decorating his new room in our apartment with trains (and planes and trucks, but mainly trains). He even sat on my lap while I worked on this. So here’s my train drawing for my little guy, maybe with a little tweaking I will frame it and put it up in his room.