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Keeping up is hard to do…

on May 9, 2013

Boy, I remember a time when I blogged all the time.  We were late going places because I couldn’t stop typing.  I was up all night long writing travel stories or making up crazy descriptions of our monster kitten (who is now seven years old and a monster cat).  Way before blogs were everywhere and everyone had one.  Before anyone thought about getting more traffic to their blog.  Even before Facebook (was there really a time before FB???).

Life certainly changes and these days I’d rather be going to bed at the end of a crazy day chasing the two monsters (though now the monsters are two crazy little boys rather than a tiny monster kitten).  So my goal of writing and keeping up this blog is slow moving, but maybe I just need to lower my goals than give up altogether, right?  I initially didn’t want this blog to be a mish mosh of things, but I think that might be what is needed.  My interests are a mish mosh, my life is a mish mosh, so why not the blog too?  We all go through growing pains, and this too shall pass.


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